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Pollarding, coppicing and pruning: what’s the difference?

The best gardens have had care and time spent on them in abundance. While sometimes that comes from exciting projects like planting a new bush or tree, sometimes it’s about maintaining your outdoor space and ensuring every grower has the right conditions to thrive. And nowhere does this ring more true than in the case […]

How to plant a tree in the ground

Few things can create that sense of pride like seeing a plant bloom and blossom over the years. And when it comes to planting trees – depending on the type you choose and how quickly it grows – you could enjoy a well-established variety in just a few short years.  In this guide, our arborealists […]

5 Signs Your Trees Might Be In Need Of Some TLC

Did you know an oak tree can live for a thousand years? That trees can ‘talk’ through releasing chemicals? And that across the planet, you’ll find more than three trillion of these mighty giants? If you’ve ever stared in awe at the height of a tree, marvelled at the sight of a rustling, lush green […]