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Our skilled pollarding specialists can bring overgrown trees under control. By cutting back upper branches, we will promote healthier growth in the foliage and branches of your trees.

Pollarding in South East London

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About our Pollarding services

Pollarding is a type of radical pruning that involves cutting off all the top branches of a tree. This technique is used in urban tree management when there is risk of a tree getting too close to a structure, or when the canopy is blocking too much light from surrounding areas.

While not a practice that should substitute for professional pruning, pollarding does have a role in tree management. And done properly, it will not have an adverse impact on a tree’s health.

How is pollarding done?

When pollarding a tree the branches are carefully cut back to a stub of a few inches. The process normally spurs the tree into a regrowth of more branches, which give pollarded trees a very distinctive look.

Pollarding is a very useful technique for a variety of reasons.It is commonly used in urban environments to prevent root invasion and control the overall size of the tree. Once a tree gets to a desired size then heavy pruning, leaving just a stump, will stunt further growth. It is important, however, that pollarding is done to a tree at the right time and then repeated every few years to maintain both the look and size.

The other traditional role of pollarding is to encourage fresh growth,  use as livestock feed and source of firewood.


We make Pollarding simple

Bring overgrown, unruly trees under control with our pollarding services: happier and healthier trees are just a step away!

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We're ARB accredited

We're proud to be accredited by the most comprehensive accreditation scheme for UK tree surgery businesses. You can view our other accreditations here, too.

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We do right by our customers, and we're proud to have an extensive and growing collection of customer reviews over on our Checkatrade page.

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Our process

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Step 1 - Consultation

Every customer has unique requirements. Before each project we discuss the client's ideas before suggesting work we feel needs to be done. Based on this consultation we provide a quote and propose a plan.

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Step 2 - The work

Our highly skilled team will spend time preparing the site and planning the job. In close consultation with the customer we will explain each stage of the job and clear up meticulously at the end.

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Step 3 - Aftercare

Whether as part of a maintenance service or simply a follow-up call we believe that revisiting the work increases customer satisfaction. We offer flexible maintenance services to suit all customer types.

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You're in safe hands

All of our pollarding work adheres to the strictest safety standards, to keep you, your property, and our team safe. Our team members are receive regular safety training, and all wear PPE including chainsaw protective trousers, boots, and hard hats with appropriate ear defenders.

We also have access to specialist equipment as required by each pollarding job, including rigging equipment, cranes, and MEWPs (Mobile Elevated Work Platforms).

We also pride ourselves on our environmental credentials: all of our wood chip gets recycled and processed to be used in power stations. Hardwoods are processed into firewood and seasoned to be only used once moisture content is below 20% in DEFRA approved wood burners.

Pollarding FAQs

Yes, a pollarded tree will grow back. Pollarding achieves the best results when it’s done on an ongoing basis, with each pollarding session promoting healthier and more shapely growth.

Pollarding is thought to help trees achieved longer lifespans by keeping them in a more juvenile condition. The weight of the top section of the tree is also reduced, lowering the risk of damage that may otherwise end the tree’s life.

The price of a pollarding job will depend on its scale and complexity. Our team will assess the job and put together a no-obligation quote, giving you the information you need to make an informed decision.

Pollarding in South East London

 100s of happy customers

 Free, no obligation quote

 30+ years experience

 ARB accredited

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