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The nature of our business means we have access to a lot of firewood!

Logs are cut to size and suited for use in fireplaces, chimineas, and other formats.

We offer free delivery within a 10 mile radius for 10+ bags of firewood.

If you order fewer than 10 bags or live outside this radius, you can collect your firewood from our farm.

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About our logs

All our logs are locally sourced, often from our own recycled green waste.

We use a mix of hardwoods: maple, ash, oak, holly, fruit woods, and so on.

We season our wood for a minimum of 6 months and only make them available for sale when they reached a moisture content below 20% – this means our firewood will burn much more efficiently and cleanly.


When trees are managed properly, logs are arguably one of the most renewable sources of fuel in the world.

They are eco-friendly, since you are only re-releasing the Co2 that was captured as the tree grew. This means you are not adding to the global total of CO2.

In contrast, the CO2 in coal and other fossil fuels has been safely locked underground for millenia, and is therefore not part of the planet’s present carbon cycle.