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Tree Removal

Got an unhealthy or unsightly tree that needs removing? Our qualified arborists can help: with over 30 years of tree surgery experience, we can safely and efficiently remove any unwanted trees from your property.

Tree Removal in South East London

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“Very impressed with the team’s professionalism, they did a great job removing a large oak tree in a garden surrounded by residential buildings.”

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About our Tree Removal services

Tree removal entails the safe and tidy removal of all tree material: we’ll remove it in such a way that surrounding trees and structures are not affected, and we’ll remove all waste material from your property.

When do trees need to be removed?

Trees may need to be removed if they are dying or dead, or healthy trees can be removed if they are no longer wanted on the land.

Tree removal happens most frequently in two scenarios:

  1. When a tree is very near to a building and is at risk of causing subsidence
  2. When a tree is diseased, damaged or dying through natural causes

It is mostly often the case that tree removal services will focus on older trees, but young trees sometimes inherit defects that cannot be pruned out. In these cases, felling and replacing the young tree is a good option.

Tree removal near buildings

Most commonly, when buildings are erected close to mature trees, the tree will not cause subsidence.

However, we sometime find that poor implication assessments pay little regard to mature trees, so mechanical damage to roots in particular will cause the tree’s demise.

In these situations felling in confined spaces will call for a careful specialist approach. Where we have unrestricted access, we use a series of tree roping techniques that allow us to dismantle the trees safely and without structural damage to property. Where access is limited, we will often need the use of a crane to carry away each section.

Thankfully we have years of experience in removing trees in tricky positions. You can browse our case studies to see some of our tree removal jobs.

The tree removal process

We take a systematic approach to tree removal, removing one section at a time to ensure a safe removal.

This is a timelapse of one of our tree removal jobs, showing the sectional removal.

We make Tree Removal simple

Our qualified arborists are on hand to safely and efficiently remove trees from your property, leading to safe and aesthetically pleasing surroundings.

… your journey begins here.

Why choose TreesUK

We're ARB accredited

We're proud to be accredited by the most comprehensive accreditation scheme for UK tree surgery businesses. You can view our other accreditations here, too.

We're trusted on Checkatrade

We do right by our customers, and we're proud to have an extensive and growing collection of customer reviews over on our Checkatrade page.

All major payments accepted

For your ease and peace of mind we accept all major payment methods: whichever is most convenient for you.

Our process

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Step 1 - Consultation

Every customer has unique requirements. Before each project we discuss the client's ideas before suggesting work we feel needs to be done. Based on this consultation we provide a quote and propose a plan.

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Step 2 - The work

Our highly skilled team will spend time preparing the site and planning the job. In close consultation with the customer we will explain each stage of the job and clear up meticulously at the end.

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Step 3 - Aftercare

Whether as part of a maintenance service or simply a follow-up call we believe that revisiting the work increases customer satisfaction. We offer flexible maintenance services to suit all customer types.

Our satisfied customers

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You're in safe hands

All of our tree removal work adheres to the strictest safety standards, to keep you, your property, and our team safe. Our team members are receive regular safety training, and all wear PPE including chainsaw protective trousers, boots, and hard hats with appropriate ear defenders.

We also have access to specialist equipment as required by the specific needs of each removal, including rigging equipment, cranes, and MEWPs (Mobile Elevated Work Platforms).

We also pride ourselves on our environmental credentials: all of our wood chip gets recycled and processed to be used in power stations. Hardwoods are processed into firewood and seasoned to be only used once moisture content is below 20% in DEFRA approved wood burners.

Tree Removal FAQs

In legal terms you don’t need permission to remove a tree from your property unless it’s subject to a Tree Preservation Order. In terms of doing the job yourself though, it’s a challenge! Expertise and access to the right tools make things a lot easier, so we’d recommend speaking to experts.

You need to check with your local authority to find out whether your tree is subject to a Tree Protection Order (PTO). Sometimes this information will be publicly accessible through an online map, but other times you’ll need to have a chat to your local tree officer.


During our quoting process we’ll assess the job and talk you through a no-obligation quote. This will give you information on the nature of the job and a breakdown of costs.

Tree Removal in South East London

 100s of happy customers

 Free, no obligation quote

 30+ years experience

 ARB accredited

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