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Hedge Trimming

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Our expert hedge trimming service will bring health and vibrancy to your outdoor space. With precise trimming and strategic shaping, your hedges will look healthier than ever!

Hedge Trimming in South East London

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About our Hedge Trimming services

Whether kept formally or informally, hedges need regular trimming. Informal hedges, if left to grow unkempt, will often swamp their surrounding environment. In urban settings, pruning informal hedges once a year will generally be enough to curb excessive growth and it is usually carried out in spring.

For more formal and decorative hedges, trimming needs to be repeated throughout the year, again usually in spring but may need to be repeated throughout the summer and autumn, depending on the speed of growth and the desired aesthetics.

As well as established hedges, the newly planted ones will also need regular maintenance to encourage the correct shape and size. For new hedges – both formal and informal – it is essential that pruning is carried out regularly in the first couple of years. It is rarely possible to encourage gaps in the growth to be filled once the hedge has grown.

Our hedge trimming service is usually provided as part of a bigger package of garden and park maintenance.

What is hedge trimming?

Put simply, hedge trimming is the purposeful maintenance of a hedge by cutting it back into shape. This has two main benefits:

  • Hedge trimming improves the health of the hedge by helping it to take shape, and by allowing new growth to flourish.
  • Hedge trimming improves the aesthetics of the hedge: There’s nothing messier than an untended hedge!

When do hedges need trimming?

Young hedges require formative trimming during their first couple of years. This helps them to grow big and strong. Established hedges need regular trimming, with frequency and intensity varying between types. This is required to keep the hedge at a manageable shape and size, and to encourage ongoing healthy growth.

When should you not cut hedges?

Some hedgerows may not be cut during bird nesting season (1/3 – 31/7 inclusive), but this is unlikely to impact residential hedges.

We make Hedge Trimming simple

Our proficient hedge trimming team are here to ensure your hedges are well-trimmed and healthy, for an attractive and organised outdoor space.

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We're proud to be accredited by the most comprehensive accreditation scheme for UK tree surgery businesses. You can view our other accreditations here, too.

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Our process

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Step 1 - Consultation

Every customer has unique requirements. Before each project we discuss the client's ideas before suggesting work we feel needs to be done. Based on this consultation we provide a quote and propose a plan.

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Step 2 - The work

Our highly skilled team will spend time preparing the site and planning the job. In close consultation with the customer we will explain each stage of the job and clear up meticulously at the end.

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Step 3 - Aftercare

Whether as part of a maintenance service or simply a follow-up call we believe that revisiting the work increases customer satisfaction. We offer flexible maintenance services to suit all customer types.

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You're in safe hands

All of our hedge trimming work adheres to the strictest safety standards, to keep you, your property, and our team safe. Our team members are receive regular safety training, and all wear PPE including chainsaw protective trousers, boots, and hard hats with appropriate ear defenders.

We have access to specialist equipment as required by each job, to ensure the right tool is used at the right time.

We also pride ourselves on our environmental credentials: all of the trimmings from our hedge work is removed and either used for mulch or recycled. We’ll be sure to leave your outdoor space cleaner than we found it!

Hedge Trimming FAQs

Some hedgerows may not be cut during bird nesting season (1/3 – 31/7 inclusive), but this is unlikely to impact residential hedges.

There isn’t a legal maximum height for hedges, although your neighbours may not be particularly pleased once they pass a certain height!

Our hedge trimming quote will depend on a few factors including size, age, and number of hedges that need trimming. We’ll talk you through our no-obligation quote to give you an idea of costs before you commit to anything.

Hedge Trimming in South East London

 100s of happy customers

 Free, no obligation quote

 30+ years experience

 ARB accredited

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