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Stump Grinding

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Transform your outdoor space with our specialist stump grinding services. We can remove everything from small back garden tree stumps to large land clearance sites for development.

Stump Grinding in South East London

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“TreesUK did an excellent and very neat job of removing a stump in a tricky spot in my garden. Booking the job was very straightforward; everyone I dealt with at the office was pleasant and efficient. I’d happily recommend them!”

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About our Stump Grinding services

Stump grinding is a quick way to transform your outdoor space, and we are proud to offer specialist stump grinding services. We have a selection of stump grinders for most restricted access points, including when we need to go through the house or down a narrow side access.

A stump grinder is a powerful piece of machinery designed to break down the stump left behind when a tree is cut down. Stump removal keeps your garden looking clean and aesthetically pleasing, while removing potential trip hazards to make you safer, and opening up the option of planting a new tree in place of the old one.

At TreesUK we tailor our stump grinding solutions to your specific needs, and we take on domestic and commercial jobs.

How to tell when it’s time for stump grinding

Here are some surefire ways to tell that stump grinding services are needed in your garden:

  • You’ve recently cut down a tree and there’s an unsightly stump in your garden
  • There’s an old stump buried in vegetation
  • An old stump is starting to sprout, or has persistent fungal growth

We specialise in removing stumps of all shapes and sizes, even in hard to reach areas. Our stump grinders vary in size depending on whether you’re looking to remove a small or large stump, and also on the depth required. This means we’ve got the means to take on any stump grinding job.

Stump grinding with care

To ensure minimal damage to surrounding landscape we use specifically designed stump grinder barriers, along with barrier tape and cones to create exclusion zones.

All cleanup services are included in your quote, and we dispose of grindings in an environmentally friendly manner. These will be taken away and used as mulch, or otherwise disposed of.

If desired, you can alsl keep the grindings to use as mulch on request.

Stump grinding in South East London

When you contact us about our stump grinding services in South East London, we’ll help you to understand the job at hand,  and give you a full idea of what’s needed and potential costs before we carry out any work. We pride ourselves on affordable tree and stump removal, and have helped domestic and commercial clients to remove old stumps and rejuvenate their outdoor spaces.

We make Stump Grinding simple

Contact us today if you want to achieve happier, healthier grounds. Our specialist stump grinding team will work with you to safely remove any type of stump, leading to a more attractive and safe outdoor environment.

… your journey begins here.

Why choose TreesUK

We're ARB accredited

We're proud to be accredited by the most comprehensive accreditation scheme for UK tree surgery businesses. You can view our other accreditations here, too.

We're trusted on Checkatrade

We do right by our customers, and we're proud to have an extensive and growing collection of customer reviews over on our Checkatrade page.

All major payments accepted

For your ease and peace of mind we accept all major payment methods: whichever is most convenient for you.

Our process

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Step 1 - Consultation

Every customer has unique requirements. Before each project we discuss the client's ideas before suggesting work we feel needs to be done. Based on this consultation we provide a quote and propose a plan.

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Step 2 - The work

Our highly skilled team will spend time preparing the site and planning the job. In close consultation with the customer we will explain each stage of the job and clear up meticulously at the end.

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Step 3 - Aftercare

Whether as part of a maintenance service or simply a follow-up call we believe that revisiting the work increases customer satisfaction. We offer flexible maintenance services to suit all customer types.

Our satisfied customers

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You're in safe hands

All of our stump grinding work adheres to the strictest safety standards, to keep you, your property, and our team safe. Our team members receive regular safety training, and all wear PPE including chainsaw protective trousers, boots, and hard hats with appropriate ear defenders.

We use specifically designed stump grinder barriers to create exclusion zones, meaning that work areas are kept off limits to everyone except our team.

We also pride ourselves on our environmental credentials: grindings are taken away and can be used as mulch, or disposed of according to our environmental processes.

Stump Grinding FAQs

As with price, the time required for a job depends on a few factors. Size of the stump being the main one, but things like species of tree, access requirements and so on will impact the time required.

There is sometimes confusion around terms, so let us clarify: stump grinding as a service removes the stump from your garden.

Technically yes, although this is a strenuous job made much easier by expertise and access to the right tools!

Stump Grinding in South East London

 100s of happy customers

 Free, no obligation quote

 30+ years experience

 ARB accredited

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