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Wood wool firelighters


  • Nationwide delivery
  • All-natural firelighters
  • Eco-friendly manufacture – no harmful chemicals!
  • Easy to light, with a long burn for easy firelighting
  • Versatile: can be used in fireplaces, wood stoves, BBQs and more
  • 24x firelighters per pack

What are wood wool firelighters?

Wood wool firelighters are eco-friendly firelighters made from dipping thin strips of wood into natural wax. This combination of materials is easy to light and quick to burn, providing a strong flame to help light your fire.

What can I use these firelighters for?

Wood wool firelighters are good to use anywhere you need to light a fire, including:

  • Fireplaces: tuck a firelighter under your kindling and logs for a nice quick fire
  • Chimineas: firelighters also work well in these popular freestanding ovens
  • Barbecues: speed up the cooking process by igniting your coals extra quickly
  • Campfires: there’s nothing like lighting a fire outdoors, and firelighters make the job much easier!
  • Firepits: firelighters are also ideal if your outdoor fire is in a firepit rather than on the ground
  • Pizza ovens: firelighters are great for kickstarting the high temperatures required for pizza cooking
  • Emergency situations: keeping a firelighter or two in your outdoor loadout keeps you covered in an emergency

How should I store my firelighters?

Keeping your firelighters somewhere dry will ensure they stay nice and flammable.

We recommend keeping them somewhere out of reach of children and pets.