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Poplar Removal in Chislehurst, Bromley BR7

Emergency Removal of Storm Fallen Tree

In the storms of early 2013 we had to deal with some interesting projects around the Bromley area, one of which was a very large Poplar tree that had fallen in the wooded area of a large Victorian back garden in Chislehurst BR7.

The falling tree had taken down at least 20 other trees in its path, ranging from juvenile to mature. The challenge was to cut up and remove approx. 20 tonnes of timber straddling 3 rear gardens. 

The tree had also on its way down uplifted and shattered a culvert designed to remove flood waters which the area was prone to.

We had a challenge on our hand to say the least, so we got in a CAT 259 tracked loader with a grapple bucket to extract the timber and load our 7.5 tonne truck and trailer it proved invaluable although it did get stuck on a couple of occasions giving you some idea of the conditions we had to deal with.

Other than a few head scratching moments and a lot of equipment it all went to plan and on time.


A residential household in Chislehurst, BR7


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