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Tree planting at the CPFC training facility, BR3

Replacing felled trees at Crystal Palace FC’s training grounds

We were instructed by the arboricultural consultant on behalf of Crystal Palace Football Club to plant approximately 110 trees of varying sizes around their training facilities in Beckenham, Kent, BR3, to replace a number of trees that needed to be felled in order to make way for their training pitches.

Before planting we had to prepare the grounds and in places ameliorate and de-compact the soil in order to give the trees a fighting chance to establish and, in time, thrive.

We also installed an irrigation system for each tree to facilitate the aftercare watering package we were also instructed to provide.

The larger specimens were double-staked to offer more stability in higher winds, and we applied a 50mm layer of well rotted chippings from our own stockpile around the tree pits to preserve moisture during the hottest months of the year.

It was an enjoyable project with a number of challenges to overcome, and we hope that all the trees will do well and in time contribute to a wonderful landscape!


Crystal Palace Football Club training grounds, Bromley, BR3


Tree planting

Tree planting

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