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How to prune a holly bush

With its spiky leaves and rich red berries, the holly plant (Ilex) is a universal symbol of Christmas – especially as the berries only begin to emerge in the late autumn. Here’s more about the plant, including how to prune it and keep it looking its best. Types of holly Incredibly, there are more than […]

We’re BALI accredited

When choosing landscaping services – especially in the Bromley and South East London area – you want to be sure you’re making the right choice. That means employing people who are trained and qualified to carry out the works you need both safely and effectively. And, as BALI members, that’s exactly what we do.  So, […]

How long does it take a tree to grow?

We’re TreesUK, the tree management experts. For over 20 years, we’ve been the arborealist of choice for homeowners and businesses across Bromley and South East London. But we’re not just about maintenance, tree surgery and tree removal. We want to create green spaces that people want to spend time in – and that’s often through […]

Which Type Of Hedge Is Right For Me?

Hedges are a fantastic investment for many properties. Not only do they provide privacy for gardens and outdoor spaces, but they give shelter from the wind, create shade, act as a natural sound barrier and could potentially increase your home security (when compared to a fence). Even better, most hedges only require pruning and trimming […]

3 Signs it’s Time to Prune your Leylandii

Whatever your outdoor space, we all want to keep our trees, bushes and shrubs looking neat and tidy – ensuring they stay healthy and look their very best. But without care and maintenance, growth slows, insects and disease can take over, and broken branches can weigh down your plants.  Today, we’ll look over the key signs […]

Pollarding, coppicing and pruning: what’s the difference?

The best gardens have had care and time spent on them in abundance. While sometimes that comes from exciting projects like planting a new bush or tree, sometimes it’s about maintaining your outdoor space and ensuring every grower has the right conditions to thrive. And nowhere does this ring more true than in the case […]

What is involved in training as a tree surgeon?

At TreesUK, we know a thing or two about tree surgeons. But what does a tree surgeon do? What’s involved in training? And how can you train to be one? Our Bromley tree surgeons cover all those things – and more – in this guide.  So, what’s a tree surgeon? Also known as an arborist […]

How to plant a tree in the ground

Few things can create that sense of pride like seeing a plant bloom and blossom over the years. And when it comes to planting trees – depending on the type you choose and how quickly it grows – you could enjoy a well-established variety in just a few short years.  In this guide, our arborealists […]

3 Signs it’s Time to Prune your Privet Hedge

We all want our gardens to look their best. That’s why maintenance is so important — because it’s only through the correct pruning, repotting, mowing and cultivating that your plants will flourish. In this blog post, we’ll focus on cutting and trimming, exploring: Signs your privet hedge needs trimming When to prune your privet Shaping […]

5 Signs Your Trees Might Be In Need Of Some TLC

Did you know an oak tree can live for a thousand years? That trees can ‘talk’ through releasing chemicals? And that across the planet, you’ll find more than three trillion of these mighty giants? If you’ve ever stared in awe at the height of a tree, marvelled at the sight of a rustling, lush green […]